Why Choose Pop Up Marquee Co.


Why Choose A Pop Up Marquee from Pop Up Marquee Co

It is not commonly known that many of the cheaper versions of Pop Up Marquees sold online and via retail outlets in Australia typically only last one or two uses.

The blogging team in a recent investigation discovered the wide variety of Pop Up Marquees available to be an extreme range in quality of structures with some being totally inadequate for the purpose they are being used.

The team have found the Sydney Pop Up Marquee Co hire and sell a really high quality range of Pop Up Marquees and Folding Gazebos.

Their poles are minimum double the width, and the aluminium grade used is 4 times as thick and the hexagon design ensures a sturdier frame. This ensures the marquee can be used multiple times and can withstand harsher weather conditions and more regular use.

Choose from 40mm or 50mm hexagon aluminium frame, with a 1.8mm thickness. Cheap versions online are less durable using a square pole design with a typical width of only 20mm, and a metal thickness of only 0.5mm.

Pop Up Marquee Co doesn’t just give you the chance to buy folding marquee in 3mx3m and 3m x 6m pop up marquees, you can also buy Pop Up Marquee in 4m x 4m, 4m x 8m, giving you greater flexibility in choosing a marquee that is the right size for your application.

Buy folding gazebo that has a unique scissor frame that instantly pops up with only a few adjustments. Other pop up gazebos or marquees on the market may require more manual building and screwing together.

Zinc-plated steel feet are used in all their gazebos, which gives a strong base that doesn’t snap off after a few uses like other cheaper plastic feet options.

Nylon connectors in the roof scissor frame last time after time, no matter how many times you erect or pack down.

They have over 15 colours to choose from, allowing you to customise your marquee to your desired preference and are covered by a one-year warranty.

All their marquees come with a protective cover bag to allow for easy transport and safe handling of your gazebo. Marquees can be fitted with a range of accessories such as clear window walls, zipper doors, half walls, fly screens, awnings, tables, gutters and more. Should you damage your marquee, we always keep stock of spare parts.

Pop Up Marquee Co can brand your marque however you like, simply send them your artwork for a customised marquee. Additional costs apply for this.

Not convinced that you are buying a superior product? Visit and see their marquees against some cheaper rivals in our showroom to see for yourself.

To Buy Folding Gazebo or arrange a Pop Up Marquee hire with Confidence, call on the Pop Up Marquee Co for professional advice you can rely on.

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